Maria Theresa

Maria Theresia (@theresia_maria) is one of the Hearingeye's most passionate customer. For her, music is a very private and vital which determine her daily mood. At the glimpse, we see Maria as the woman who has bizzare taste of extreme music. But in fact, she was very open to all kinds of music.


This video will take us to see the tons of collections of her records as she spoke about her experience acquainted with extreme music through the legendary compilation album, "Metalik Klinik".


And at the end of the session, she would choose the "Best Male Album" for us.


Video by Lookie Loo Production

Thanks To:
Maria Theresia

Gandung “Suri”

Gandung of Suri has a special romanticism with the musical nuances of depression. 


You can’t rewrite the past. Tragedy, pain, and regrets are tailing us and haunting us.

Daniel Mardhany “Deadsquad”

Daniel picked out 5 indie pop essentials from our catalogue. This would be a proof to the words of Jimmy Bower he once mentioned in a documentary “This is true underground, man. Open minded.”