Gandung “Suri”

Gandung (@omendementia) of Suri has a special romanticism with the musical nuances of depression. Although the music creates a dark, depressing atmosphere that coveys an apathetic, depressive or nihilistic attitude and mood, for him, this is easy-istening music, even drive him to sleep.


From his room with massive vinyl collections, his experience of visiting cemetery at midnight, until his pessimism towards the revival of vinyl collectors in Indonesia. This video will take us to dive into Gandung's realm which is bleak but peculiarly fun.

Video by Lookie Loo Production

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You can’t rewrite the past. Tragedy, pain, and regrets are tailing us and haunting us.

Arian13 "Seringai"

He is Illustrator, Musician, Vinyl Junkie, and Beer Drinker. In a nutshell, he just living his ife.

Maria Theresa

Maria Theresia is one of the Hearingeye's most passionate customer. For her, music is a very private and vital which determine her daily mood.