Arian13 "Seringai"

Many of us play rock and roll, but very few of us are rock and roll. Arian 13 (@aparatmati) is rock and roll. He is Illustrator, Musician, Vinyl Junkie, and Beer Drinker. In a nutshell, he just living his ife.

Without any further description, We give you one of the metal’s biggest names in Indonesia, ARIAN 13 OF SERINGAI.

Video by Lookie Loo Production

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Arian 13

Gandung “Suri”

Gandung of Suri has a special romanticism with the musical nuances of depression. 

Maria Theresa

Maria Theresia is one of the Hearingeye's most passionate customer. For her, music is a very private and vital which determine her daily mood.




You can’t rewrite the past. Tragedy, pain, and regrets are tailing us and haunting us.