Every great moment starts with a touch of Orang Tua Finest, “Anggur Merah”


NOTHING, Philladelphia Heavyrock Shoegaze outfit peform their very first show in Jakarta, Indonesia before continuing into Australia. Arranged and supported by many labels and records, from 630recordings, KAAMA KAAMA, Hearingeye Records, and Bandung very own blacken apparel club Maternal Disaster. NOTHING tours across the South East Asia Region and Australia in order to promote their newest release from Relapse records on 2016  titled “Tired of Tomorrow”. With many supporting acts playing on stage, from punk rock, alternative indie rock, hardcore punk and many more. Crowded and full of enthusiastic people, the show was basicly a celebration of festivity of the music scene in Jakarta.


The one I personally eager to see is “Collapse”, a newest one man band hit from Bandung peformed by one of bandung hardcore violent enthropy “Alice” members, Andika Surya, peforming his solo group project “Collapse” after the release of their debut album “Grief” on Royal Yawns Records in 10th August 2016, Watching “Given” live on set was one of my most favourite moment from this show, if I could put it in words it’s like alternative rock touched with a glare of nu-gaze rocking out loud, ecstatic and addicting. With the current hiatus status of “Alice”, Andika develops his inner alternative indie rock with his new debut album.  


The 80’s Punk Rock miscreants “Total Jerks” also was in the gig, playing their fast paced anthemic punk rock and drool with their newest release “Life is Hate” and released by none other than 630Records, on 7th May 2016.  Depok modern piece hardcore quartet “Modern Guns” was also supporting for the opening show, playing tracks from their recent release “The Place Where I Left You”. Alternative Pop Trio group “Barefood” joins in the charade with their mind blowingly Pop love rock anthem.


A brief history about NOTHING itself is that they formed in 2011 by Domenic Palermo. Previously, Palermo was the brains behind the early 2000's hardcore punk act Horror Show, which was put on hold in 2002 after Palermo was incarcerated for a stabbing that eventually led to a 2 year prison sentence. Upon his return, Palermo would take a lengthy hiatus from music. In 2011, Palermo released a demo tape entitled Poshlost / пошлость under the moniker NOTHING.


After several attempts at constructing a solid lineup for the band, Palermo met Brandon Setta. Setta would bring a lush, rich soundscape and a fresh approach to Palermo's vision for the band, and Nick Basset (and Kyle Kimball) join in later. NOTHING went through several line up changes in first years and also released the EP’s for Suns and Lovers and Downward Years to Come.


They have been releasing 2 albums right now, Guilty of Everything and Tired of Tomorrow both by Relapse Records. In their first years, NOTHING EP’s and Singles jump over from one label to another, from Big Love Recordings,  Like Glue,  A389 Recordings, Relapse, and a split album with WHIRR through Run For Cover records. After this single moment the band continued to record for their 2nd LP with Will Yip through 2015. The band signed to Collect Records, but terminated their contract with the label shortly after due to the label's ties to former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO, Martin Shkreli (The guy who gassed up the price for the cure of cancer).


To be honest, every member of the band was completely intoxicated with this Indonesian local wine a.k.a “Anggur Merah” on 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Too early? Nah they say it’s how they play in most show, getting the feel and vibe of it. A couple of  hours ago they did an Interview with Hearingeye Records and Maternal Disaster while drinking nonstop, well, I guess they really love that local refreshments huh.   


On 21:40 AM, NOTHING enters the stage, setting up their equipment and preparing for the show. The crowd was absolutely freaking themselves up, cameras everywhere, the air is running extremely thin because the amount of people watching the show is a lot, like really a lot, I had to wipe my camera lens in order to get a perfect shot of their live play.


“Fever” sounded so elegantly resonating through Rossi Musik, fangirling has a nice ring to it when you’ve heard it the first time. One of the most critical part suriving while watching a live show in Rossi Musik is the room temperature, humid and frickin hot. I couldn’t concertrate taking photos because of the constant movement delivered by the crowd, I got kicked in the head, bump my head into another mans elbow, good thing I didn’t die, I heard someguy got cramps while dancing and crowdsurfing. Sucks to be that guy, you could get wrecked over unnoticed in a place like that with all the ruckus rambling about.


While they carry on with setlist plays, “A.C.D(Abscessive Compulsive Disorder)” was playing present, I flipped out, and resume my actions by with stealing Brandon vocals mic and sang the lyrics out loud, I put away my camera and went straight into the stage.


“Here we are again, Will someone find a cure cause

You know me and you know I am not well

I always knew I'd eventually hurt you”


Truth to be told, Brandon just step aside and let me sing my heart out, and the other guys was just gathering around screaming at the mic. We deliver our very best vocal rockstar type voice in that mic. I felt joy and happiness remembering singing that lyrics in a live show with NOTHING.


In the middle of the set, Dominic gets all light hearted and peforms an embrace me kinda type crowd surfing, all and all, the crowd is shocked and felt really amused.  Although some mishaps may happens, like this one time Brandon Setta sound system doesn’t go off through the amps, but frankly, I don’t care. They played songs like “Bent Nail” their older releses from “Guitly of Everything”, and their split album track with the notorious WHIRR, “Choloform”(Whirr/Nothing).


“Vertigo Flowers” is a powerful huge surge of melodic ambience and still dealing in a swirling fuzz, it finds its melodic target with more haste than ever before. “The Dead are Dumb” is effortlessly gorgeous. Domenic Palermo’s mournful vocals and reverberant guitars, swell and expands very well. In the end, Nothing left their mark in Indonesia, their live show peformances was staggering and left us in awe.


Cover Photo by Alvin Eka Putra


Reinhart Jeremy is writer of REVOIRREVOLVE, music enthusiast, and vinyl junkie.

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