“CLUTCH’s - Psychic Warfare, The Purest Rock Fury”


Psychic Warfare is a shining example why Clutch should be everyone favourite band, no bullshit, blues ballads and straightforward riffs. Album of the Year for me? Why not.

As we all know, Clutch holds the bigger and badder guns than any stoner rock bands in the world, Don’t get me wrong, I love Matt Pike titanlike riffs on Sleep, I adore Electric Wizard satanic riff worship, or The sonic desert riff cruiser by Kyuss. But when it comes to this band, I can’t really compare them to anything, I may sound like a complete douche but believe me, I can’t find any band to compare them with. 25 Years in the making, this Elephant Riders that hailed from Maryland keeps on bringing their kick ass crushing riffs accompanied by funk noise and cowbell anthems.


“Psychic Warfare” contains 12 tracks, and was released this year by their own label Weathermaker Music on October 2016. Produced by Machine(Gene Freeman, who works on “Earth Rocker” previously) “Psychic Warfare” debuted at No. 1 on the Top Rock Albums chart and No. 11 on Billboard 200, selling 26,000 copies in the first week. Why? It’s Clutch, no questions needed. I’ve been following them since I was in high school,  “Blast Tyrant” was coming out and it was marvellously made, then I got deeper into their older Releases, EP’s and Singles.


 I was an Instant fan of their work, I guess I got bored with all the Stoner Rock stuff that always affliated with drugs, weed, slow riffs and standard making lyrics. But with Clutch everything is different, every aspect is inspected and sought for, from Aliens, CIA Programs, Robots, Abraham Lincoln, Wookie and Yetis. Don’t tell me that doesn’t looked pretty interesting and creative to you, but mainly it’s because the riff was too good, and the lyric was too damn smart.



The album starts off with The Affidavit”, a narrator sets the stage for the intro of “X-Ray Visions”, Hip-swingin’, blues-inspired groove has long been a staple of Clutch’s music, this track is a super heavy opener with thick blantant Tim Sult riffs, Dan Maines riveting bass lines and driving beat by Jean Paul Gaster. The chorus really brings the house down, Neil screaming and preaching off the lyrics “Psychic warfare is real! You better believe it brother, X-ray Visions!”. This track kinda remind you of “Crucial Velocity” from Earth Rocker only much much more faster, like drinking a gasoline and running in full throttle over the state.


The lyrical concept of “X-Ray Visions” was influenced by Philip K. Dick, the science fiction author whose 1968 novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" was the basis for "Blade Runner". After a ripping guitar solo by Sult, Fallon slows down and go in for the proceedings, Introducing the band members using their astrological signs before kicking things back into gear. The track secluded into a panicky stomp state of fastness with “Firebirds”, tracking fast and low, dashing into the flames of a primordial meanness. The energy in this album is off the charts.


“A Quick Death In Texas” is Clutch’s homage to ZZ Top, infecting you with that western riff themed gun battles. Fallon lines in the perfect pitch saying “Please forgive me Mr. Gibbons”, really put a smirk on my face. One of the catchiest track in the album, like roaring into the desert using a v8 hotrod. It’s like Clutch trying to say, “We’re just getting started over here, you ain’t heard nuttin yet”. And we did, next one is “Sucker For The Witch”, Neil Fallon wicked lyrics and Tim Sult riffs really brings the delta blues inside of me, the typical thing you heard in a relationship problems “fella done me wrong” kinda thing, same goes for “Your Love is an Incarceration” they updated both tracks with a hard rock kick in the nut.


“Behold The Colossus” produced and generated a fat, thick, riff singalong, insipired by Jason and The Argonauts book that centered around Greek mythology. Decapitation Blues” a song about a real-life neck surgery that Fallon went through. Left him unable to headbang, which is ironic considering that not headbanging to this track is next to impossible, Let alone his love for Rock does not require any questions. Noble Savage” completely disintegrate, and destroy. Galloping rhythm by Gaster plus Tim Sult firing machine gun riffs everywhere, left you unprepared, There is no debate that this could put you up to edge, Like having a shot of adrenaline.


“Son of Virginia” Clutch saves this track for last, with length of seven minutes long the track starts of slow and continuously mellows off to a high note when the heaviness kicks in. It’s like taking drugs, only much more potent cause it’s Rock. In the of the track you could hear the Narrator comesback again completing the conversation on the first track The Affidavit”.


Clutch is one of that band you don’t always get to hear, completely filled with Pure Rock Fury and undeniably powerful songs. They’re the last true rock ‘n roll band on earth who are unafraid to remind people that rock is also about hard-hitting instrumentals, and kick ass riffs. Psychic Warfare is a shining example why Clutch should be everyone favourite band, no bullshit, blues ballads and straightforward riffs. Album of the Year for me? Why not.




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