Album Review Russian Circles - Guidance


Destructive and shoegazing experimental post metal trip onto space

After massive success on their recent album “Memorial”, Chicago based trio post metallers returns again with “Guidance”.  A Compelling brand of thick and brash heavy post-rock infused with metal. Uplifting and splitting your head wide open. Features amp-exploding sludgy riffs that balance with light and darkness, Russian Circles once again proves their control over dynamics from dynamite riffs to delicate mellow sections in this album.

They preserve and managed the very essence of musicianship over the years, creating formulas, opening in a slow and controlled rate then peaking in the end with an explosive crescendo of tone and noteworthy unforced feel to it, “Guidance” is one of the most anticipated album in 2016.

“Guidance” is out on Sargent House Recordings, one of my most favourite label to date. Releasing my favourite roster of artists from Marriages, Emma Ruth Rundle, And So I Watch You From Afar, and many more. Recorded and produced by Kurt Ballou(Nails, All Pigs Must Die, Sumac, High on Fire, Torche, etc) on God City Studios.

Russian Circles “Guidance” is more wide and expanded than their previous releases, Sullivan extensive sampling, loops, and pedals creates a layers and walls of sounds that combines with Brian brash heavy thick bass sounds, with a finishing touch of Dave executing on their behalf.


Photo: Nick Sayers(From left to right, Mike Sullivan, Brian Cook, and Dave Turncrantz)


Filled with 7 tracks  of chugging metal riffs and sparse melody trappings, the album starts of with “Asa” a memorable tune of drifting across atmospheric oceans, and then a drop of water, ripples were created, it faintly screeches feedback into an overhelming lip-curling riffage “Vorel”. Thrilling and hangs you instantly, a delicate tune of death march over the atrium of apocalyptic wonders, straight and truly magnificent.

“Mota” a subtle composition of nature insipired theme that lives over the shoulders of cheerful and joyous memories and then completely drops down into a bleak state of darkness. Heavy and powerful in each sides, gradually it becomes an a aggressive soundtrack of crashing and panoramic drums that produce layers of intensity between these trio, One of my favourite track from this album.

“Afrika” completely balanced the tone of the album, triumphant melodies and soothing sludgy rhythms. Full of swarming ambience that mellows and grips the feel and senses, the climax of this track is purely undeniably perfect, I got the chills of my life.“Overboard” sweet and lingers beautifuly, despite the bleak themed tracks that course in this 40 minute length album. “Calla” consists of suspense that grows beneath and crawling back under,crafted in manner of your desirable needs. Heavy pounding post metal infused beatdown, ambient, experimental, explosive and thoroughly unmatched. “Lisboa” is the core of all this, using the same and exact formula that Russian Circles used in their recent release, rough and full of screeching feedbacks. Gnarly and mean.

“Guidance” embodies the soul truly purpose of Russian Circles vision, Controlled high tempratured heavy infused post-metal that resonates through out the dynasties. Well preserved musicianship and a beautifuly composed track on every sides, ambient and atmospheric in their presence. You can acquire this masterpiece through Hearingeye Records.


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