Album Review Nails - You Will Never Be One Of US

A full scale assault on every side on the road, they just may be, creating the best album in heavy music era.

They spit, gnarls, and growls. Decimating the entire sound barrier known to human kind. Hailing from Oxnard, California these trio cult bretheren of destruction and chaos creates an unholy infestation between death and speed, that lingers between your earbuds. Nails has been on the spotlight for their unrelenting grindcore powerviolence mash up, from their first release “Unsilent Death” to their recent ones “Abandon All Life” is not much of a change, but every single album they’ve made has one single emotion that boost and empowers extremely, that is hatred and power.


They cut down mountains and create a extraterrestial invasion of powerful grindcore beatdown within. “You Will Never Be One Of Us” is released through Nuclear Blast records, and surely coming down to be the top down contender in the heavy music era. Produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Kvelertak, Sumac, Black Breath, etc) this album filled with 10 Tracks that contains feedbacks, hyperblast, axe grinding guitar shredding, and throatripping vocals. If you’re a fan of Black Breath, Entombed, Converge, Discharge, and All Pigs Must Die. This a must have album set in your music libray.


Starts off with “You Will Never Be One of Us” album track, Nails disintegrate and conduct a full scale all out demolition to the masses, Todd Jones vocals creates a powerfull mouth to mouth hatred propaganda, this is their first single released for this album, if you see the music video, it features cameo from members of Harms Way’s James Pligge, Converge’s Jacob Bannon and Baroness frontman John Baizley saying an omnious words in a static visualization “you will never be one of us”.


Heavy riffs combined destructive rhythmic beatdown that fills out your deliquents desires. “Friend To All” is fast paced combustion of fuel & d-beat movement, Imagine Discharge have an unholy matrimony with Entombed. Although it’s short there’s no reason why this should not please the crowd very much, with everything is in place Nails set out their sails into uncharted waters, “Made to Make you Fall” is a devoted promise to destruct and annihilate anyone who set foot in their path, filled with hardcore beatdown blasting underneath your subconscious, not to mention the guitar shifting patterns could make a grown man fall into coma. 

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“Life is a Death Sentence” and “In Pain” devastate profoundly and breathtakingly unmatch to be meddle with, mainly the album theme grasp an essence of self punishment and hatred driven to everyone who’s trying to put them down into the gutter. “Savage Intolerance” will set your exhilarating pulse beat into a bleeding pulp heart wrenching anthem, this is absolutely my favourite track from the album, acceleration  and  brutal concrete notes filled out your inner demons.


“Violence is Forever” re-enforce with evil sounding hook, and rapid blast of headhitting concussion. Bass lines are meaner than ever with evil bleak doom siren-esque groove. “Into Quietus” grips you head on with those intro, Taylor Young drums releases those raw steam powered drum styles on course, not to mention “They Come Crawling Back” an 8 minute length of pure gloom and darkness stirring across your earholes, casting down wraths with mammoths riffs and throatruining vocals. These trio grindcore merchant produce a powerful chemistry in the making their fourth album instalment.


Nails – “You Will Never Be One of Us” Nails – is an aggression of unrelenting  grindcore and powerviolence composition. they managed to turned all the lights onto them. This critical acclaim installment is surely to be in the high corners of metal in many years to come. Nails raise their arms and bears the modern grindcore flag sky high. Chaotic, complex, infernal and extremely mean, they changed throughout the years without yielding to anyone. A full scale assault on every side on the road, they just may be, creating the best album in heavy music era.

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