A Wrecked Interview with Dominic of NOTHING

We concluded our interview with a shot of whisky which leaves us both drunk and him wandering around again in the parking lot. What a great night.


While every member of the band already runs up to the backstage area, one guy wanders around aimlessly meeting fans and signing autographs. Dominic bravely wanders around the parking lot thus getting him a lot of attention, Everyone is up on their feet and running around back and forth asking photographs with him, Can’t do nothing about it tho’, NOTHING performance was immensely amazing, Every single fan boys and girls bringing their merch to be signed by the member of the band, I carefully step behind his back, and pat him on the shoulders.


Me: “Dude, NOTHING was awesome tonight, you got any plans after this, I mean a relax down time, I got a Black Label waiting for me in my car, if you’re up for it, you want some?”

Dominic Palermo: *Dominic confusingly replies with “Wait, Whisky? DUDE, I’ll be just in a moment with, I’m gonna take some photos and signed some merch and then straight go back to you”.


And surprisingly I really didn’t think this would work, but I did. I went along with it, waiting for him for like 15 minutes, because everyone was gathering around him, and I didn’t wanna interrupt. After all that he came back to me, and I straight up offering him a shot of Black Label. We talked about 20 minutes about NOTHING peformances and his opinion about some local bands playing supporting their show. I suddenly get grip of myself (I was half drunk too actually), I’ll do an instant short interview with him, I pulled out my voice recorder app on my phone and start asking some stupid questions that haven’t got to do with anything, a random shot I take, Dominic replies with great satisfaction after drinking a shot of black label saying “FUCK YEAH MAN, I’ll do an Interview with anyway who offers me a whiskey, this shit is the best!”


Me: So Dominic, how do you feel about Jakarta? First time playing in a place like this.

Dominic Palermo : Uhhhh *slurring  It’s been a really a hot time and everyone here is so beautiful. It makes me never wanna go back to America ever again.


Me : Are you sure about that Dom?

Dominic Palermo : Hellyeah man, I really fucking hate it when I’m home. Everyone here appreciates music and bands, everyone here is very caring. Nonetheless the food is good.


Me: You already taste some food from around here?

Dominic Palermo t: Yeah, I already did. The one with the fish in the bag outside

Me :  *huh?* 

My Imagination > 


Dominic Palermo: Yeah, the fish in the bag outside, with some of those chilli stuff on it

Me  : Ohhh yeaah, I know that

My Imagination > 


Dominic Palermo: I always go for the places that filled with a lot of street food, escpecially asia. I’m like here tasting every single street food in Asia man.

Me: Wow, Didn’t know you’ dig street food culinary man, but okay, next question so Dom, 21ST January is the Inaguration day in America. How do you feel about President Trump?


Me: Wow, A strong political view you have Dom. I agree, both are cunts actually

Dominic Palermo: Yea man, Every politician is a cunt, from coast to coast, globe, worldwide, Europe, Asia, Everyone’s a Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!


Me : Hahahaha, Alright, Alright, That’s a pretty strong statement. Okay, next, I wanna talk about something that have a deep connection personality to you, what is Dominic Palermo music preferences?

Dominic Palermo: ANYTHING THAT SAD!

Me : Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds?


Me : WHIRR? You do a split with them.

Dominic Palermo: Well, yeah I think they’re alright, but we’re better than them

Me : Ehm, Well, If you put it that way, I ain’t got nuthin to argue. That’s a point over there for NOTHING man

Dominic Palermo: Yeah !


Me: Next one, Any plans for the future of NOTHING?

Dominic Palermo: Probably more drinking and more sad music. Gloomy, sad, and more drinking.

Me : Dominic do you like writing love song for NOTHING?

Dominic Palermo: No, No, Brandon writes about love songs, I write about how life is sad, His younger than me, so I know these things is sadder that love, and love is sadder than life, and uuhhh


Me : Alright Dom, I think the whisky is kicking in right now.

Dominic Palermo: Hahahah, yeah man, I’m dizzy over here, can’t answer a goddamn question.

Me : You wanna go on?

Dominic Palermo: Yeah sure man, sure. Carry on with questions.


Me: If you wanna do a split album, which band should it be?

Dominic Palermo: Ummm, INTEGRITY!

Me: Wow, a bit contrast in many ways don’t you think?

Dominic Palermo: I don’t care man, they’re the best hardcore bands alive, We might be actually doing a split with them on the low, because this is a small interview I just wanted to let you know first man. We might do a split where we cover one of each other songs, Nothing X Integrity!.


Me: Damn dude, that sounds extreme frickin cool, Thanks for doing an interview with me man, I really appreciate it. You wanna do some more whisky shots?

Nick Bassett: Yeah man, why the fuck not. Cheers!


We concluded our interview with a shot of whisky which leaves us both drunk and him wandering around again in the parking lot. What a great night.


Cover Photo by Reinhart Jeremy




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